CompTIA Certification – A Best Technical Approach

What is CompTIA? CompTIA is an industrial association that offers courses related to computer technology. It was initially developed by ABCD dealers in 1982. These dealers were the representatives of five different Microsystems organizations. ABCD dealers had laid a platform and foundation across USA that helps and assist the students to get any certification which is related to computer technology. The certificates which CompTIA offers are related to networks, security of the networks, server courses, different language courses and Operating system courses related to Linux and some language courses like dot net etc.

Let us talk about different courses which are offered by CompTIA. A+ certification is offered to computer analyst or technical person who can do technical tasks related to computer technology. The objective of A+ course consists of two main modules exam, one module exam is related to hardware and the other one to OS specifically Linux. In 2009, some changes were made for getting this certification. These changes were passing of two exams; one exam is essential written exam while the other one is practical.

A+ course is offered to the professionals who have practical experience of more than 20 days. The exams of this certificate are both objective and subjective. What are the topics included in hardware exam module and OS module of A+ course? The main topics are how to access the memory, CPU’s, and all the hardware that constitutes a computer system. The main focus of this exam is not theory writing but the practical enhancement. The topics which are considered vital for the student to know in the OS module is file management of operating system, memory management topics of OS and all OS related topics. The main context of this module depends on Linux operating system management.

Similarly, the other courses like network is for the understanding of computer networks, how to configure the networks, problems related to networks and network troubleshooting, networks hardware which consists of routers, hubs, LAN switches, cables and software management of networks which includes management of bridge network, filtering of bridges, routing of IP addresses in routing table etc. Local area network and wide area network protocols are the main course of this exam. The person having hand on experience along with A+ certificate and nine months network experience can sit for this course. This certification along with A+ certification is necessary for MCSA certification. But this is one of the best courses offered in USA.