The Television As a Social Media Centre

The Television As a Social Media Centre

For many of us who use both the computer and television as a means to unwind after a busy day, sometimes it is hard decide whether or not to surf the web and chat with friends or just sit in front of the television for some personal time. The advent of social television is offering to bring these together – making our televisions another tool with which to remain connected to our social networks that reside online.

This development comes into play because television as a form of entertainment is rapidly becoming a secondary device to computers and the internet. Live television (such as sport) still commands a great viewership; however, many people are watching these events while using their phone or laptop to communicate with friends as the action unfolds in their living room.

Television is set to star in a revival of sorts; this is directly attributed to the notion of social television. Social television is essentially a combination of television and social network – you will no longer need to sit in front of the television with a laptop to chat with friends while you watch television. You might even call social television a version of television with the internet embedded as a secondary means of entertainment.

While there is not a great amount of information available as to how many of the cable or internet providers aim to do this – we can assume that it will utilise an internet or cable connection and possibly a …

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