What is inside the Future For Car Technology?

What is inside the Future For Car Technology?

Inside the last century, we have seen car audio technology achieve momentum. Beginning out as a standard radio, in-car technology has come far. Now, we have complex car audio systems, car DVD players, Bluetooth, sat-nav, and GPS. All of which have been created to produce car journey’s substantially much easier and much more exciting.

So exactly where do we go from here? Currently, this year we’ve observed touch screens and function enriched sat-nav systems hit the car audio market – however, what does the future hold for in-car technology?

In early 2018, German scientists developed a brand new car technology identified as ‘EyeDriver’. It pretty much does as it says, it allows you to drive your car with your eyes alone. This new technology operates by the driver wearing a unique helmet, which holds two cameras and an infrared LED. Camera 1 points in the directions the driver’s eyes are hunting (the scene camera), whilst the other focuses on the driver’s eye (the eye camera). This new and complicated system automatically recognizes the direction the driver is looking at, which is then relayed to a computer and after that over a LAN network to the car, in turn steering the car accordingly.

Not surprisingly, becoming a new technology, ‘EyeDriver’ includes a couple of issues, which are however to be overcome. If a driver gets distracted, the technology is bound to follow exactly where she or he focuses upon, producing it somewhat of a danger on the road. ‘Freeride’, as this …

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What the US Navy Requires for the Future Of Technology

What the US Navy Requires for the Future Of Technology

Overall, I see the US Naval Study nicely suited for priming the pipeline of future technology, and yet, simply because they’re present, well it is not time for you to rest on our laurels due to the fact you can find other prospective enemies afoot establishing their very own weapons systems. Weapons that might challenge us inside the coming decade or two, and when you get behind in the technology race it requires years to catch up. In my humble opinion and with no ego, I think that the US Navy should have the strongest force in all of the oceans within this solar system, and I am not exaggerating when I say that either.

Okay so, not long ago, I was challenged on specifics of exactly what I mean by that statement so let me give you 8 new technologies we’ll need to maintain our naval superiority moving forward in the twenty-first century. For the US Navy, properly, yes, I have some fears I’d like to see shored up to shield our Nation, Assets, Foreign Interests, Allies, and protect shipping worldwide while keeping the capability to strike quickly or respond to Organic Disasters.

I’d like to see our Naval Researchers look into a few of these Great Projects and ideas. Below I have listed a number of my ideas, but realize this was a 10-minute exercise, so there are lots of far more bundled in my head, to add to this list:

  1. Capability to Swarm combat UAVs (carrier-based)
  2. Capability
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