Program: Computer Technology

Program: Computer Technology

The Computer Technology program will provide students with a solid foundation of both hardware and software topics such as programming languages, computer maintenance, networks, and applications. With small class sizes and supportive faculty, students have flexibility to focus on Technical, Network, or Security and Computer Forensics courses to allow them to be prepared to obtain employment in the technology area of their choice.

Careers in Computer Technology

The mission of the Computer Technology program is to prepare a student to obtain immediate employment in a technical environment. Upper-level courses in the curriculum include both the theory and hands-on application of data communications technology, local area networks, programming, web development, and systems analysis and design procedures.

Not to mention, students in the computer information technology program can seamlessly transfer into the cybersecurity and network administration program to receive their bachelor’s degree. Technology changes quickly; our Computer Engineering Technology program gives students a solid foundation in all aspects of computer technology so that they can adapt to changes in the field long after graduation. Computer Repair Technology is a one-year certificate program that prepares the successful student for an entry-level position in the field of computer repair.

Computer Technology Courses

The Computer Technology program provides training in the principles underlying the design of modern computer systems. This course provides a technical and organizational foundation for understanding the use and importance of information systems and information technology in today’s management environment.

Computer Technology students will explore many different topics relating to computers, including computer maintenance, local and wide area networks, as well as popular programming languages. All beginner computer technology courses require a basic working knowledge of computers, including navigating in a windows environment and using a mouse.

This course is a study of the applicable skills and technology essential to application software integration. Information Technology, or IT, is a term used to describe the industry and the careers related to computer software, hardware, and telecommunications.

This course is an introductory study of mobile application design and development and how enhanced mobile devices are changing the face of technology. Computer technology courses cover everything from computer hardware assembly and system design to data storage and network security to electronics and computer engineering.

CTS Health Information Security

Provides students with the skills and qualities needed to fulfill the multifaceted role of an information technology specialist in the healthcare industry. Computer technology experts who can troubleshoot security systems, write back-end code and manage complex networks are in great demand. As a student in the applied computer technology program, you will select an area to specialize in by choosing a program concentration in either computer technical support or networking and cyber security.

Science is also a central component in related fields of medicine, geology, genetics, ecology, cosmology, and technology. A computer and information scientist develop technology to help solve problems in medicine, science and business.

You will study Internet communication and technology, Web browsing, multimedia on the Web, databases and Web search engines, business e-mail and personal information management, Internet services and tools. A computer systems manager analyzes a company’s technology to decide on appropriate data systems.