How Technology Causes Stress

How Technology Causes Stress

It is generally a commonly observed incident that, the individual that occurs cars, from time to time arrives the last. Although it is generally due to the attitude of the person, well there’s a hint of a mention of the person’s over-reliance upon machines and technology-enhanced luxuries as well. What do we mean by technology? Technology is called some materials, objects, systems, techniques, etc. developed and accustomed to meet the need for humans.

Now ‘to satisfy the need of individuals’ could be the need of the hour today. And while being so, it’s gone beyond its playing field of just fulfilling the demand for mankind; it’s got now become an utter essential, without which mankind is an excellent handicap. Today, it is not technology that’s being developed to fulfill the need for the man, but the person that’s adapting itself on the cope up with busy technological inventions.

And which are the consequences of the adaptation? It is needless to be that man is a victim, as opposed to a beneficiary to the adaptation. I am not going to mention global issues like ‘Pollution’ or ‘Natural Resource exhaustion’. Rather it is often a more basic and more familiar one. It is Stress. Enormous both mental and physical exhaustion and deficiency in working endurance and gratifaction on the part of the person is exactly what one gets away from stress. Although stress might be on account of many reasons, a major role has played by technology. Technology has led a scenario of potential downside between stress as well as your both mental and physical health. It is not an unwanted effect, rather a direct effect imposed by technology.

Stress is everywhere – at home, at the workplace, at the vacation site, within your car, and everywhere. Just imagine the way a …

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