Location Intelligence Solutions Optimize Real Estate Investments

The term location intelligence refers to integrating and analyzing visual geographic and geospatial data in order to make better business decisions that improves a business’ bottom line. Location intelligence is useful in such areas as: analyzing marketing activity, analyzing sales activity, analyzing patterns, or analyzing data in regards to research endeavors in a variety of different fields. Today, businesses of all sizes need to develop strategies to optimize capital investments. Without an understanding of where to place assets, who has those assets, how to protect them, and how to use the assets to achieve their business goals, planning and delivery would become a complete disaster. Location Intelligence solutions is now an essential investment needed to reduce costs, make appropriate provisioning decisions, increase revenue, and improve compliance and optimize real estate investments.

Location Intelligence Solutions Optimize Real Estate Investments

Optimizing your real estate investments and assets delivers incredible business value such as: delivering improved service and networks, ability to prioritize areas for investment, optimizing real estate investments for improved return on investment, increasing profit per transaction by identifying best areas for growth, and improve out of boundary investments by targeting higher profitability markets and customers. With effective location modeling and analytic solutions, a business can  make more profitable market site decisions.

A business that harnesses the power of location intelligence solutions will acquire the data they need to make critical business decisions such as: site selection, market optimization, competitive landscape analysis, and branch network planning. Whether a business is expanding regionally or optimizing a local network of real estate investments, market intelligence solutions that includes site modeling, market assessment, and predictive analysis solutions, and leading modeling software, will help a business make more informed real estate decisions and capitalize on market opportunities by employing custom solutions.

By utilizing market optimization and site selection solutions, location intelligence helps businesses to confidently forecast sales and choose the best sites and markets for expansion. This helps prevent costly brick-and-mortar mistakes and secure the best locations for expansion to stay ahead of the competition. Reliable data to support real estate analytics and decision-making can include demographics, consumer and retail sales potential, business points, and potential business locations.

Demographics and segmentation data create a unified profile for site location and market analytics. Accurate forecasting allows businesses to predict the future direction of the market in order to plan their growth strategies. Forecasting models based on data-driven analysis provides insight into future market trends. By having the information at their fingertips, businesses can respond faster to market opportunities.

Running your business operations more efficiently is about more than just reducing waste; it’s about seizing opportunities and using your data a as part of a cost-effective approach to business management. By leveraging location-based data, organizations can identify business growth opportunities such as: streamlining transportation routes, choosing profitable locations for expansion, making better marketing decisions, saving time and money on research, implementing effective mapping solutions, and improving information sharing throughout the company. Location intelligence solutions is an essential component for optimizing real estate investments.… Read the rest

Successful Affiliate Marketing: The Best Way To Become Internet Savvy

In this article I want to talk about what you’ll need to get from technology to make your business a real success.

In the online world, your computer is obviously your most important piece of equipment.

Successful Affiliate Marketing: The Best Way To Become Internet Savvy

It links you to the merchants whose products you’ll sell, to the advertising channels you’ll utilize, and to the customers who’ll see the ads and buy the merchant’s products – thus making money for you.

Computer Literacy

If your computer skills are limited to sending and receiving email, you have some catching up to do.

There’s one thing we can promise you that will never change about computer technology — it will ALWAYS CHANGE.

Computers have come a long way since 1944 when the Mark I (IBM ASCC) was completed. It was a relay-based computer and bore almost no resemblance to the technologically advanced personal computer you’re using right now.

Do you panic when there’s a problem on your computer? Then you’ll need to build up your confidence, and your tech-savvy, before you start a business that depends on that computer!

We’re not saying that you need to understand the inner workings of your computer. You don’t. But you do need to learn how to use your computer and your software to its fullest potential.

If you don’t know what all of those buttons on your keyboard are for, make it your business to find out.

Embracing Technology

The Internet is your marketplace. So you need to become 100 percent comfortable with today’s Internet technology as it is today – and prepare yourself for tomorrow.

Successful affiliate marketers keep their eyes wide open as they look for the next breakthrough. They’re eager to see what new online technology can make getting traffic and making online sales easier, faster, or just less time consuming.

Does this sound like you? Are you comfortable with the tools and technology you’ll need to use?

If it doesn’t sound like you, ask yourself if you have some of the mental blocks below.

If you do, commit to working on them and improving yourself – it will be for the good of your affiliate business.

Do you have trouble leaving your technological comfort zone?

Some people get stuck in their technology. If you’re not willing to investigate new ways to use the Internet, such as how search engines work or what a blog is, you’ll want to work on this.

You won’t need to USE all these new technologies, but you’ll need to know about them and understand the impact they have on your business.

Do you tend to get stuck in a rut when it comes to online interaction?

Then you’ll need to get a little more comfortable with the latest ways to communicate and interact with others.

For example, in Web 1.0, communication was a one-way street. Only the seller had a voice.

But Web 2.0 opened up the avenues of communication between affiliate marketers and their potential customer base. With Web 2.0 technologies, within minutes your customers … Read the rest